Limited Scope Services

Limited scope services refer to a-la-carte family law services which allow the client to conserve funds by paying for only what they need.

Limited Scope Services include:

  • independent legal advice on domestic contracts;
  • general legal and strategic advice;
  • drafting of court documents;
  • attendance at specific court dates, such as conferences, motions or trial;
  • negotiations with other party or opposing counsel;
  • procedural assistance with court documents and procedures.

Legal Coaching allows the client to remain self-represented, with Whitney advising and assisting in the background, as-needed, such as reviewing court documents, answering questions and advising on legal issues, strategy and procedure on an as-needed basis.

Limited Scope Services

“Whitney was phenomenal. We worked with another law firm and got the run around that cost us a ton of money for nothing. Her communication was on point. Very transparent and really works for her clients. Empathy and understanding goes a long way during a tough court process. I would recommend Whitney to anyone with a family law issue. A+”