Family Law Litigation

The end of a relationship can be a scary and uncertain time. When children are in the mix, it can feel particularly daunting. It doesn’t have to be this way. As a collaboratively trained, resolution-focused family lawyer, I excel in helping families transition to a new normal by helping to develop tailored solutions to their family law litigation issues.

Sometimes court is unavoidable. Whitney has substantial experience with court matters including:

  • parenting time and decision-making
  • restraining orders and intimate partner violence;
  • non-depletion orders;
  • division of property;
  • business valuation and income determination issues;
  • financial disclosure issues;
  • spousal support;
  • child support;
  • setting aside domestic contracts;
  • motions to change;
  • section 30 parenting assessments and Office of the Children’s Lawyer matters;
  • emergency and ex parte matters.
Family Law Litigation

“Whitney is indispensable. She helped us navigate a difficult case smoothly, and kept us informed of our options every step of the way. She examined our situation, and was able to focus our efforts on what mattered most for a positive outcome for our family.”